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i see that soda under your chair, o o o soda's ok on my watch.
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cause scott gave me the sims 2 and tristan made it work without the disc. i'm so happpy!!!!! YAY i've playe for over an hour but and now my eyes hurt and shit and my head. well night folks there.
14th-Nov-2005 01:17 pm(no subject)
so now we've evidentally been invited to a bowl game in california to. that be badass to go to but it would take about 2 whole days of straight driving to get there with no stops. but since the drivers can only drive 10 straight hours it would take about 5 days to get to the game itself. well that's about it for me.
i found this in a band geeks com. but i thouht that it was realy funny so i stole. this was run in this guys local newspaper.

Written by members of the Council Rock High School North marching band (my old HS's sister school):

10. Our rivalries are bigger than the ones between football teams.

9. Unless you're a drummer, it's pretty much taboo to date outside of the band.

8. There is more drama in the flute and guard sections than there is in a week's worth of "Desperate Housewives," "Laguna Beach" and "The OC" episodes.

7. Bus rides are full of completely amusing antics that usually involve people who have consumed more sugar than they ought to.

6. Competition season sort of takes over our lives.

5. Uniforms are quite possibly the most un-breathable, cumbersome pieces of clothing ever invented in the history of man. But secretly, everyone loves the plumes.

4. Dinkles are a type of shoe, not some weirdly named nursery rhyme.

3. Jazz running backwards when you're ankle deep in mud is quite possibly harder than any play contrived by any football coach.

2. There is a little tension between sections. Trumpets and saxophones secretly love to have competitions over who can play louder. Clarinets and flutes like to see who can make the more obnoxious high notes. Drummers compete over who can play the cadence with more fluorish.

1. Even though we probably work harder than most sports teams out there, we still get criticized because people think marching band requires no effot whatsoever.
13th-Nov-2005 01:03 am - yeah
funny idian
so we beat that itawamba ass tonight 69-45 thought it should have been much lower. but like always the football team sucked in the 3rd quarter when the band asn't playin, they got like 20 something points back during it to. bastards. but we still beat though so o well. that game was long as hell though, and we got some HARD ass hits on them bitches and even took em out the game. so since we won and pearl river won. we play PRC here next saturday for state champions; and since we won tonight we get to go the bowl game. we were invited to the one in Utah and Georgia but a lot of teams are going to the georgia one so we prob. will go to the UT one is what i heard, 5 day trip bitch. 2 days to get there with a stop over in a hotel. but the college is gonna pay for it all. badass and we might not have a christmas concert now cause of the bowl game but i heard tell that they were thinking about reschudling it so that we could have it. doesn't really bother be either way. i finished Eldest tonight. badass book actually, can't wait till the last one comes out. now i can reread GoF if i can get it done before next saturday. probably won't though but o well. i remember enough of it and what i don't get finished with i'll just read after the movie. man i can't wait till we go on sat. to see it.
10th-Nov-2005 12:23 am(no subject)
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10th-Nov-2005 12:17 am(no subject)
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9th-Nov-2005 12:53 am - so yeah
funny idian
well we had tryouts today. guess what chair i made out of 7 euphoniums.....2ND!!!! yay for me. luckily we had no scales to do cept or Bb 2 octaves that's on the sheet we had to play. yeah i thought that i did good but i was quite proud of myself actually. well today we learned that if we win the football game this saturday the college is gonna pay for the band to go to the bowl game that we're goin to (since it's been almost 20 years since that's happend) but they could be in iowa, georgia, texas, colorado, arizona and some other state also i think. but yeah, anyways that's one long ass bus ride if do. but i hope we do though cause it'd be really fun to go to the game though. but anywas i'm gonna go to sleep now. later.

ps. we watched charlie and the chocolate factory tonight, it was really funny. and last night and part of it tonight again we watched Bondock Saints which is a really badass movie and i recommend it to anyone actually. i also didn't go to my eng class today cause i didn't feel like that's why bitch.
8th-Nov-2005 12:30 am - too funny
kimberskank: ugh, I just saw a woman in her early 30's and her sagging tits :-(
SquallJT: eeeewwwwww
SquallJT: i hate those
kimberskank: I hope I don't see an old man and his wrinkled pink thing
SquallJT: "wrinkled pink thing"
SquallJT: LOL

but anyways. yeah since our team is in the top ten national teams in juco we get to go to a bowl game sometime. and it has the strong possibility of being really far, and they probably will take the band along to. or else they'd lose horribly. and they know it to i bet. but yeah, nothing really has been going to much with me latley. went home for th weekend and stayed in the trailer for the first time. wasn't bad. it definitly wasn't as bad as the OG one that we got in Georges, that shit sucked. but thanksgiving is comeing up soon. man that's wierd to say. we started playing christmas music today. i think i did pretty good. we have auditions tomorrow, hopefully i'll do good but i haven't practied my scales in a while so i'll do them sometime tomorrow. but well that's it for me. i'm tired and i'm goin to sleep for nw and get some good sleep for once actually. later guys and gals.
5th-Nov-2005 05:40 pm(no subject)


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