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i see that soda under your chair, o o o soda's ok on my watch.
man fuck kansas, sorry sevrin... 
29th-Nov-2005 01:32 am
funny idian
so yeah pretty muuch everything that could've gone wrong on this trip did go wrong and it was complete bullshit. GD drumline and all the rest of the asshole people that made this trip shit to go on. at least the game was kinda fun but that mostly because of the 55 MPH WINDS WITH GUTS OF OVER 60!!!! man that shit was so hard to march in too. but it was really fun. we ended up lossing 21-19 i didn't think that it was a very bad game since we couldn't really pass or anything cause of the wind. it was so funny cause when they would kick the ball it would go like 10 yards and then just drop and go backwards. kansas and oklahoma sucks o much ass. at least the parts that we went to. the only good thing were the pretty trees there but not the dead ass grass or the rude people there. at least they were rude on southern acounts like i went up to the band and said hey and everything like a good southern person would do and all they did was stare at me like i was all wierd and shit. well screw there 27 member band. but yeah this next part is from stephanie's journal. i didn't feel like repeating it. so if it says ours it's not me. ok.

"Get back to the room--that's when the shit hit the fan...again. Dueitt came in and said bullshit about he had problems with some people wearing shirts to insult someone of the team (when 2 of the people were in the room... he wasn't slick with that.) People kept walking by, trying to get the scoop on what was happening in the room. The fucker left, then people kept running down the hallway and just being fucking stupid. The drummers were "antique-ing" peoples room or just, people. If you didn't know, that means they just threw flour on people. So, that happened. Someone not in the band got hit in the middle of an antiquing shit... called the cops. A band manager pissed in the ice machine. Someone threw coffee in someone elses room... shit was everywhere. We had room damages. DRAMA. Then, the game. It was the middle of the 1st quarter and it started fucking raining. Fatima, Stacy, Michael Hutton, and myself had to run to the busses and get out cases. Then, the whole band went to the bus... but our bus wasn't there. We kept running back and forth from the stands to the busses. Eventually the rain got so bad that we just hung out on the bus for like, 15 minutes. The wind was so bad. The halftime show was fun... only because we were laughing the whole time because the wind kept knocking hats off, Rob fell and mooned the crowd, we kept having to brace ourselves because the wind was so bad. The way back was fucking ridiculous. We ate after the game... that was the last time we had anything to drink for 10 FUCKING HOURS. No water was on our bus. We kept telling Mr. Whittington we didn't have water..... and all the other busses did. Nobody fucking cared. The busses stopped at 10pm, 2am, 4am... the band couldn't get off. The bus drivers got coffee every time, and switched a few times. I've never been that pissed before. Especially because at 10pm, they said we'd be able to get off the bus in 4 hours. But no. Finally, at 7am, we were able to get off of the bus."

those bus drivers were complete dicks to, at least to me they were cause god forbid if my knee even touched their sit. and shit like that. they kept lookin at me all crazy and shit and would be like "can you remove your feet/knee." and more shit that i just don't feel like typin that much but just trust me they were rude as shit. well i guess that's it for me. later.
3rd-Dec-2005 02:59 am (UTC)
I was just kidding about that whole journal deleting thing. Re-add me, bitch! :D
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